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Crafter & Food Vendor Information

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$25 Late Fee After Sept. 1

If you would like to pay online please submit your application via email to and then submit your payment via the buttons below. Please make sure your Name or Email Address on your application matches the contact information on PayPal. 

If paying by check, make and send to:

Elkton Alliance Inc.

101 East Main Street

Elkton, MD 21921

Cecil County Farmer
$35 Fee
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Cecil County Crafter/Vendor
$50 Fee
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Cecil County Non-Profit
$65 Fee
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Crafter, Vendor, Info Booths
and Other Non-Profits

$75 Fee
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​Non-profit organizations are asked to submit proof of their non-profit status.

An IRS determination letter is sufficient for proof.

Health Department Information For Food Vendors Only

If you are applying as a food vendor for our event, you are responsible for contacting the Cecil County Health Department to verify you have completed the necessary paperwork. The Cecil County Health Department does conduct spot checks on the vendors.

Please be aware that the food stand for profit is the one that needs to fill out the workman's compensation form. If they have insurance, they just enter the information. If they are self-employed, that is have no employees such as husband and wife or father and son, then they have to contact the workman's compensation office and the latter will determine if they need insurance or not. If not the workman's compensation office will issue the vender a letter stating they are okay and do not need insurance.

The self-employed vendor should make a copy of the letter and attach it to the workman compensation form each event they apply for. This letter is good year after year until something changes such as they have an employee etc.

The excluded food application is for a non-profit ( charity ) organization which has no paid employees. Non- profit organizations do not have to pay for a temporary food license nor do they have to submit a workman's compensation form. Bona fide non-profits should have if possible a federal ID number on a form indicating they are non-profit. If they have one we will put a copy in the file. If they don't have one and are non-profit and we can determine that information, there will not be a problem.

And last but not least, the workman's compensation form can take up to three weeks to be reviewed by that office. The CCHD can not process a food permit without it being submitted. However as already stated non-profit groups do not have to submit a workman's compensation form.

For More Information regarding Health Department Forms please contact Environmental Health Services at the Cecil County Health Department at
410-996-5160. Forms below may have updates you will need to get from 

the Health Department. 

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